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Ghaben Auto Group

Ghaben Auto Group is the proud owner of Ulimto East, Ultimo Northshore, Ultimo West, Oak Lawn Mazda, Volkswagen of Oak Lawn, and Volkswagen of Orland Park. They needed marketing support for all six dealerships and we delivered with record breaking sales.

All Inclusive Marketing Services

We provided the following services:

  • Pushed monthly incentives

  • Managed all vendors

  • Provided SEO support & track progress for all stores via Google Analytics & Google Search Console

  • Created & schedule content for social media

  • Audited and reported on 3rd-parties

  • Provided support to store staff across all platforms (i.e. CRM, IMS, Social)

  • Created and managed cloud-based information and asset pool for all stores

  • Created videos, graphics, and other media content

  • Created and managed accounts to expand social media presence (i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook)

  • Provided creative, technical, or administrative support as needed in special projects such as Buy/Sells, website development, etc.

Ghaben Auto Group - Oak Lawn Mazda Banner.jpg
Ghaben Auto Group - VW Incentive Banner.jpg
Mazda - VIP Test Drive.png
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