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Dealflow, a cutting-edge digital automotive solution backed by CoreLogic, enlisted our support for a robust go-to-market strategy, brand refinement, and website design. We further optimized the user experience (UX) of their app and facilitated their participation at the Digital Dealer event in Las Vegas.

Branding & Brand Guide

We crafted a robust and cohesive brand guide that resonated with the automotive industry, conveying trust to consumers. Within the brand guidelines we created a primary logo and complementary logos to be used for a variety of print and digital applications. The brand color choices were based on a combination of color psychology and desired brand personality to subconsciously appeal to customers. We also included typography, brand positioning, core values, and buyer persona guidelines.


The Dealflow brand guide was designed to clearly communicate the look and feel of the company's brand, while also making it easily recognizable to their target audience.

Go-To-Market Strategy & Branding.jpg

Website Design & Development

After establishing brand guidelines, we shifted our focus to building a professional and aesthetically pleasing Wordpress website that would covert vistors to buyers. We began designing and developing with the user journey in mind. We highlighted the key product features and integrated Dealflow's brand colors, typography, and messaging throughout.

UX App Design

We worked alongside the product and development teams to improve Dealflow's UX app design. We assisted with increasing the ease of usability, functionality, and accessibility to make it a more engaging and seamless experience. 

Dealflow wanted to add an AI chat feature, so we created extensive flowcharts for each stage of the sales process to aid the AI chat developers.

Digital Dealer Event Marketing

Attending Digital Dealer's 2021 conference in Las Vegas was a part of our go-to-market strategy for Dealflow. Our team took the lead on planning, organizing, and executing of the booth design and marketing materials. We assisted the sales team by creating a timeline, map, and key events of the trade show in a powerpoint. To ensure a smooth experience, we attended Digital Dealer and handled any requests the sales team had.

Dealflow - Booth Mockup.jpg
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