CoreLogic Credco

CoreLogic Credco executives wanted a clear distinction between CoreLogic and CoreLogic Credco. We delivered branding, social media content, HTML emails, and new website that would market their mortgage specific products and services effectively. 

Effective Branding

CoreLogic Credco needed branding that would clearly distinguish it from CoreLogic. To achieve this, we designed and developed a brand guide that::

  • Delivered a clear message

  • Established credibility for the brand

  • Created emotional connections with the target market

  • Drove purchase motivation

  • Increased user loyalty

Website Design & Development

We designed CoreLogic Credco's new website from the ground up. We created an on-brand, lead-generating, and professionally-styled website. Our goal for CoreLogic Credco was to create a website that clearly explained each of their products and services in a way that was easy to comprehend for the general public.

CoreLogic Credco Email Designs_edited.png
CoreLogic Credco Email Designs_edited.png


We expanded and diversified CoreLogic Credco's social media presence. All social media content was created, written, designed, and managed by our team of social media experts.

HTML Email Marketing

We designed, developed, tested and analyzed a variety of email marketing campaigns for CoreLogic Credco. We delivered welcome, promotional, retargeted, and newsleter email campaigns.