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Clear Contractors

Clear Contractors is backed by owners with over 20 years of collective experience in the industry. They specialize in home remodeling services in the Northwest Indiana region. The team at Clear Contractors reach out to Gluth Marketing to increase their increase leads and brand awareness while maintaining a high ROI.

We worked closely with them to deliver social media content, SEO content, Facebook Ads campaigns, and created a geo-targeted Google Ad campaign to target low-funnel leads. The outcome has exceeded their expectations, delivering remarkable results.

Google Ads

In response to Clear Contractors' need for leads with optimal ROI, our team swiftly executed a low-funnel geo-targeted Google Ad campaign. Conducting thorough research, we identified low-funnel short-tail and long-tail keywords that, despite having a higher CPC, promised superior ROI.

Despite the industry's average Google Ads conversion rate resting at 2.2%, our team managed to raise Clear Contractors' rate to an outstanding 17.12%.

Facebook Ads

To boost brand awareness, we created and designed a Facebook ad campaign showcasing Clear Contractors' full-home remodeling services. This evolved into a carousel ad highlighting each service, aiming to generate leads effectively.

Clear Contractors Portfolio.jpg

Social Media Content

We collaborated with Clear Contractors to curate and produce image and video content tailored for various platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest, and NextDoor. Our team meticulously crafted video scripts and orchestrated monthly filming sessions to capture engaging in-person content. These videos prominently showcased Clear Contractors' owners sharing insightful remodeling tips and showcasing their projects, strategically aligning with the trending audio and formatting styles prevalent on TikTok.

In addition to content creation, we meticulously wrote captions, conducted thorough hashtag research, and strategically scheduled each piece of content for optimal timing and maximum visibility.

Our team also A/B tested social media posts and captions to achieve the best possible results.

As a result of our concerted efforts, we have consistently observed month-over-month progress, marked by notable increases in impressions and engagement across all platforms.

SEO Content

To achieve optimal real estate in Google search results and ensuring consistent traffic, we implemented SEO landing pages using the same short-tail and long-tail keywords as the Google Ads campaign.


These SEO landing pages are designed to make Clear Contractors stand out as an industry-leader and build a more robust website, while increasing organic Google search results.

SEO & Geo-targeted marketing landing pages.jpg
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