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Ciibo was a start-up business that exclusively catered to Amazon DSPs. Ciibo was in need of a website, branding, and SEO copywriting. Our team designed and delivered a lead-generating website, target audience-focused brand manual, and extensive SEO blogs and e-books.


We worked with the Ciibo team to create a brand that would appeal to their audience of Amazon DSPs. We developed the brand manual from scratch, including its logo design, color palette, typography guide, brand voice guidelines, and more. It  provided clear standards to Ciibo's brand identity that their audience can recognize across all platforms.

Website Design & Development

Ciibo's site was designed to convert leads into customers. It features an easy-to-use navigation bar with links to all services. The home page displays Ciibo's platform's exclusive features that explains the company’s mission statement: “the most comprehensive management platform created exclusively for Amazon DSPs”; this message is echoed throughout the site.

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SEO Content & Creation

Ciibo was looking for ways to increase their online visibility. We wrote an extensive collection of SEO blogs and e-books for Ciibo, which included a wide range of topics related to the company's product line.


We used a variety of techniques to ensure that our clients' content was as SEO optimized as possible, including:


  • Writing blog posts that were between 500 and 1,000 words in length

  • Including an introduction at the beginning of each article that contained the keyword(s) we wanted to rank for

  • Providing links to other popular articles on the subject matter as well as internal links to other pages on the site

  • Providing helpful visuals such as images, videos or infographics

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